Promising/Youngster — Begin Again


Promising/Youngster is the moniker for the Spanish artist Diego Cadierno. This new project arises from the need of rolling out his creations away from (but not far of) the dancefloor. The sound of Begin Again surrounds you in a distant world, it moves you to a place outside our planet Earth and touches you so deeply that you can almost feel the sound as tangible moment. Julien Mier continues adding his particular and delicate sound with his remix. We have 2 other Spanish special guests: the Reykjavik606 duo and the producer Ylia enriching the sound of the album with their contributions.


Julien Mier — Untangle The Roots


Julien Mier is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist composer and sound sculptor currently living in Sydney. During the six tracks of Untangle the Roots' side A, Mier takes us to his personal journey though out a vivid story of traveling and leaving old ties behind. On side B is the Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe who explores Mier’s journey together with Ochre, Weird Inside and one of our beloved artist, Skygaze.


Skygaze — Intensity & Dedication


On the 8 tracks of the EP, from Intensity to Slow & Steady, Skygaze invites us to follow the idea that electronic music is more than computer-driven work: Spontaneous jazz, wind instruments, wild percussion, ambient memories and bright chords, are the keys for Skygaze to break the conventional structure, and create unique compositions.


Various Artist


Our very first album is a compilation of nine artists that bring together the style of the Sin Hilo. The nine tracks are from: Rec_Overflow, Drömnu, Bombjack, Wooky, Fábel, Cauto, Lost Twin, structweird, Komatssu and Tujiko Noriko.